AlpacaWorlds is a cute, community-driven NFT collection with proof of ownership stored in the WAX blockchain.

AlpacaWorlds is also characterized by being experimental. Although we have a timeline describing what will happen next, the result of the previous experiment can overweight the timeline, leading to unexpected results.

Alpaca Worlds: The Origin

It all started a long time ago in the Andes. Way before the Spanish arrived in America. People enjoyed a peaceful life in the upper world, cherishing nature and sharing the mountains with a few short-haired alpacas owned by Apu, the god of mountains.

Although, the alpacas we know and love today come from a different place: the underworld. The underworld is a magical place where the offspring of Andean people’s gods live. Overthere, Apu’s daughter took care of a large herd of beautiful long-haired alpacas.

She was having a difficult time taking care of such a big herd on her own. Apu thought it was a good idea to have someone help his daughter and allowed her to marry a herdsman she fell in love with during one of her visits to the upper world.

The herdsman moved to the underworld, and they were extremely happy for a while. But after some time, the herdsman started to feel homesick.

The herdsman and Apu’s daughter asked Apu’s permission to move to the upper world and take the alpaca herd with them. Apu agreed under one condition: The herdsman shall continue taking care of the alpaca herd while taking special care of a tiny alpaca that he had to carry with him at all times. But back in the upper world, the herdsman didn’t keep his word. He stopped caring for the alpacas and disregarded the tiny special one.

Extremely disappointed, Apu’s daughter decided to go back to the underworld with all the alpacas. So, she ran to the nearest water spring, where she dove and swam to the underworld. Most of her alpacas followed her except for a few the herdsman prevented from joining her. Since then, the alpacas live nearby lakes and springs, waiting for their mistress to come back.

A few weeks ago, an alpaca heard a rumor: Apu’s daughter is back in the upper world. So, she decided to leave the mountains and started looking for her.

Join us, and follow our alpaca in his quest for Apu’s daughter. We will visit the most exotic places all over the world while we help her find his mistress. And who knows, we might even have to follow him out of this world!

What do you mean by community-driven?

We mean that you have a saying on how the story evolves. Together with the community, you can decide on our alpaca's next destination while he travels around the world looking for his mistress.


• Unpredictable: the story is created as we go!

• Cute, simple and clean designs

• All or our cards are first hand drawn and then vectorized and digitized

• Living on the WAX blockchain you don’t have to pay the ridiculous fees of ERC-721 collectibles

What is your distribution model?

As everything in Alpaca Worlds, our distribution model is mixed and experimental. We will come up with different and creative ways to make collecting alpacas as fun as possible. As always, we will get feedback from the community, making sure that you are always able to get some free alpacas!

Super rare

What can I do with my alpacas?

To start with, you can collect them. And you will also be able to breed them and blend them. And of course, as part of the community you will be able to decide on what will happen next in the story! As the community and the collection grows we will experiment with any kind of crazy ideas to make this collection unique and entertaining!

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